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Tom Sockwell, Motivational Speaker

Kevin Brechner, Director, Time River Productions:

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  • event management
  • brand management
  • ​advertising and design
  • ​online promotions
  • ​product placement
  • ​product launches
  • ​general publicity
  • ​viral and email marketing
  • ​brand and personality profiling

We develop integrated and targeted campaigns
that clearly communicate your branding message and deliver measurable results.
  • Targeted Messages
  • Stronger Branding
  • Online Programs That Deliver
  • Emphasis on ROI


What we do:

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Linda LaRoche of LaRoche Communications always had a fascination with the world of media. Her start came in Public Affairs, where she loved the altruistic element of helping others but felt her hands were tied due to corporate politics. She made a switch into entertainment, and the antsiness to do more prevailed. She thrived when she produced The Trouble with Tonia, a film that she won an award in as a producer from the Houston International Film Festival. She then produced Latino Filmmakers and wrote a feature length film-script that was sold.

When she secured assignments as a columnist, reporter, and contributor, for the LA Times, Pasadena Star News, The California Apparel News, Instyle Magazine, LA Magazine, LA Weekly, she developed keen writing skills, learned the ins and outs of the print and online media space, and learned what it takes to receive positive press.

She returned to public relations, specializing in food and beverage companies, (Nestle USA, Tzali's Wine, Perfect Fusion tea, Tumaros Gourmet Tortillas, ) where she integrated her experience both in journalism and public relations.

LaRoche moved to Las Vegas where she taught Creative Writing and Blogging at College of Southern Nevada, as she submitted her short stories to Literary magazines, she imparted to her students the forces behind the creation of an excellent story. When enrollment was low, like a phoenix that rose from the ashes, she began copywriting for Internet Marketers. In that position, she developed keen insights as to what makes an A list brand or event stand out from the crowd, and how certain brands get featured over others.

Working in various facets of the media, LaRoche has developed a passion in helping clients and brands get a rare kind of exposure. She had the journalist contacts, the knowledge, and the passion to turn this into a business. She started growing her clientele and the results speak for themselves. LaRoche's company has been growing exponentially and she’s turned her firm into a respected business.

LaRoche Communications, is a boutique agency that works with a variety of clients. People often ask us what types of clients we work with. Our answer is simple; we work with people whose message is conscious raising and we believe in. We work with brands we feel excited about. We have a desire to share them with the world. Whether it’s art, lifestyle, business, or anything in between, if we feel passionate about you or your brand we will do everything to get the word out.

Our services include: strategic media planning, event production, brand partnerships, social media management, digital marketing (Google ad words and Facebook advertising), blogging and content marketing,
email marketing, crisis management, and college ambassador programs.


Kevin Brechner, Dir, Time River Productions:
"When Linda takes on a project, she follows through with a lot of determination and organization and the end result is a credit to her for its success.  She is a dynamo of energy, multi-talented, and fun to work with. I recommend her highly."

Tom Sockwell, Motivational Speaker:
"Linda has been a delightful and insightful professional.  In the months I have known her, she has worked miracles for me.
Everyone should have a Linda in their Christmas stocking!"
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